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This game allows you to fight the 1849 campaign and the bloody battle of Novara

March 20th, 1849: the Piedmontese forces, about 85,000 men with just over a hundred guns, are positioned around Novara, ready to to cross the Ticino river and invade the Austrian territory, moving towards Milan, in an attempt to regain it.

Field Marshal Radetzky, commander in chief of the Austrian forces, 83 years old, conceives a daring plan: to concentrate all his forces, about 75,000 men with over 200 guns, right around Pavia, ready to cross the Ticino, quickly invade Piedmont and force the piedmontese army to a decisive battle.

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Counters represent all the military forces of the time: Hussars, Uhlans, Dragoons, Line infantry, Grenzer, Jäger, Artillery, Bersaglieri, Pontoon Crew, Commanders. There are two sets of counters, one with figures and the other with NATO symbols


In this game the complexity is very low, the rules are simple and intuitive. The heart of the system is the command: simply check how many points you have in the turn, choose the formations you will activate, put them inside a mug;  your opponent does the same, then mix and draw ...!


On a very accurate map that took years of research, Austrians and Piedmontese troops engage in bloody attacks and retreats, cavalry charges, strategic movement, pontoon building ...

All these actions are performed by the players alternatevely, but not in a conventional two-turn system.

The game features a random activation mechanism that makes it always compelling and different, creating chaos and uncertainty, in a realistic and tense simulation.

Included scenarios  - In addition to the basic game, there are some scenarios and variants that allow for shorter games and explore other strategies:

  • Mortara and the Sforzesca, the Piedmontese attempt to stop the Austrian advance 

  • Novara, the bloody final battle 

  • Ramorino obeys orders; this scenario allows the Piedmontese to deploy the V division at the beginning of the game



  • One 22 x 34 inch map (55,8 x 86,5 cm)

  • 432 counters  

  • Two player aid, colored cardboard (Terrain effect chart and Fast placement sheet) 

  • Rule Booklet (with complete order of battle, game tips, campaign history and sources) 

  • One 6-sided dice


Design, map&counter: Sergio Schiavi 

Play-test: Alessandro Barbero, Giorgio Lovera, Andrea Brusati, Flavio Acquati, Sergio Tonini,

Massimiliano Pino, Luca Broglio, Piergennaro Federico, Carlo Riccobono

Video: Carlo Riccobono


Quadro: Giovanni Fattori, Carica di cavalleria (La battaglia della Sforzesca), 1877 ca., Olio su tela, cm. 50×100, Collezione Sacerdoti-Ferrario

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