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SICILIA 1943 - operation HUSKY

Even before the surrender of the last Axis troops in Tunisia, the Allied governments had reached the controversial decision to invade Sicily as the next phase, to take the first step on the continent.

The amphibious invasion of Sicily, code-named “Operation Husky,” with a force of 3,000 ships, more than 3,000 aircraft, and 100,000 men landing on the first day was the largest amphibious operation of World War II. After 38 days of hard fighting, the Allied forces, composed of the 7th US Army and the 8th British Army, entered Messina, completing the conquest of the island.

Sicily 1943 – Operation Husky” reconstructs this important campaign, on a large map (… to maintain the right amount of simplicity and effectiveness. Game turns represent one day.

Retail price: 79 €


  • 4 standard maps (3 km-hex)

  • 2 small maps (scenarios)

  • 4 counters set, 13 mm side 

  • Set up charts

  • Rules aid, tables

  • Orders display - Air display

  • Rules booklet

  • 2 dice

  • English, Italian

Samples. Graphics may change

The system involves a very intense interaction between players, and is based on the uncertain moment of activation of their Formations, and on the type of operations they will be able to carry out following the directives received at the beginning of the turn.

The rugged terrain of much of Sicily affects operations throughout the game, from the logistical importance of the road network to the possibility of using armored vehicles, lethal in open terrain, but vulnerable on narrow mountain roads.

Air forces (of both sides) and naval forces (Allied only) can be very important... if activated at the right time.

The game includes two challenging campaign games, one historical and one hypothetical, and numerous minor scenarios that concern some individual phases of the campaign, such as landings and counterattacks, the battles of Primosole and Troina, and others.

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