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The players take up the role of high society members who need to have a top supply of rare and fine bottles in their wine cellar to show off during their parties. The only way to get them, is travelling around the world, looking for the wine bottles and finding them before their opponents, also using traps.

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What's in game

6 characters

Map board  43,5x25 cm

70 Money Units

Box 33x15cm


80 unique bottle cards - 4,5x6,5 cm




1 special movements die

1 normal die

1 rules booklet: ITA - ENG - FRA - GER

How To Play

The goal of the game is to obtain at least 10 bottle cards from 10 different countries.To start the game each player chooses a character marker, get 10 Monetary Units and a bottle card. They will stand about two meters away from the board and, by an agreed cue, they will throw their markers on the board trying to reach a convenient cell (yes, you got it right, you need to show some sort of skill!). When all players have their characters markers on the board, the game can start: the first player rolls the die to move and ... go! The players can buy or sell the bottles cards, auction them, steal them...and of course, there will be no shortage of Toasts, but it will force them to eliminate the bottle-cards from the game.

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