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At the end of 1942, with the operation TORCH large American forces poured into the Western Mediterranean. In a short time, thanks to their efforts, Italy was ousted from the conflict and the Allies returned to European continent, definitely arresting the expansion of the Axis. This game allows you to recreate events which took place in the following months and years, between 1943 and 1945, when this area became the epicenter of some of the most bloody battles of the WW2.


Italian, English, Japanese, German, French

Available from November 2023


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Shipping cost not included; they will be requested at the time of shipment.

These are the estimated shipping costs: Italy:

10 € EU: 13 €

UK: 15 €

USA and Canada: 17 €

Australia: 23 €

For Americans customers the shipping will be done by Quarterdeck games, our partner for US. Customers  who live in Turin can come and pick the game directly at my house :)

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