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Salerno to Cassino

Martin Blumenson - 1988


Cassino to the Alps 

Ernest F. Fisher - 1977


Mavrogordato, Ralph S. (2000) [1960]. "Chapter 12: Hitler's Decision on the Defense of Italy". In Kent Roberts Greenfield. Command DecisionsUnited States Army Center of Military History. CMH Pub 70-7



 XIV Panzer Corps defensive operations along the Garigliano, Gari, and Rapido rivers, 17-31, January 1944. A study undertaken in support of the volume "Salerno to Cassino" by Philip A. Crowl (OCMH: in progress). MS # R-78.


The German Side of the Hill: Nazi Conquest and Exploitation of Italy, 1943-45 - Timothy D. Saxon Ruckersville, VA, 1999



'As a matter of fact I've just about had enough'; : battle weariness and the 2nd New Zealand division during the Italian campaign, 1943-45


Fifth Army History - part IV, CASSINO and ANZIO



Kesselring: An Analysis of the German commander at Anzio, Teddy T. Bitner, 1983


The War Against Germany and Italy: Mediterranean and Adjacent Areas (Grande libro di fotografie!)


Infantry Combat - Part Three: Beachead at Salerno - Infantry school, Army Ground Forces

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