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Radetzky's March: changes in the second edition


The maps (2) are bigger, with distinctly different colors and better visual aids; now the various types of watercourses are clearly distinguishable: Major and minor rivers, streams and canals; target cities are clearly visible.



Icons are redesigned and recolored; in some cases completely changed. Larger. Then, in the first edition, I had involuntarily omitted the Italian flag. Now there is!

The combat values have changed, and the counters are more numerous thanks to the new artillery units.

There are multiple elite modifiers in the units.



The big news is represented by the artillery bombardment; when used en masse very effective.

Learning from the previous experience, I have removed some turns: the games are shorter and the players cannot afford to make mistakes!

The activation mechanism is the same; the command range for all formations is somewhat reduced; this requires that the formations not disperse too much during the game.


The cavalry charge becomes simpler and more brutal; more risky but which can lead to great results.


The ENGAGED result is eliminated, in its place SHAKEN appears, very different in effect and much less complicated. The CRT changes, it is definitely easier to use.


I've added a small strategy map to allow for a variation in the initial deploy of the formations.

There is an optional system for playing with DUMMY, in two ways: either by masking the stacks or by using displays showing the groups of counters defined by the DUMMY.

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